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Nilymed medical products is manufacturer of disposable sterile covers. Together with our medical distributing partners, our mission is to lead a reliable and efficient supply chain that helps maintain a sterile field in the operating room.

We offer our customers timely service and support that results in a long term – hand in hand – relationship as business partners who can rely on each other.

We are committed to the highest quality standards which is assured by the strict certification body –   With Bsi CE mark, our customers can rest assure that they distribute reliable sterile covers to the hospitals.

As part of our supply chain strategy we specialize in cost effective timely shipping. The process begins with mutual information exchange regarding the distributor’s needs for the short and long term. It proceeds with timely production and ends with professional shipping assistance from Nilymed’s side. All in the mutual purpose of achieving the lowest landed cost possible.

With our availability, close communication and supply chain expertise, we succeed in keeping you focused on selling and never out of stock.

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Edden Gerson
General Manager

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Nilymed is offering a complete range of equipment covers, providing a full solution for  improved covering of equipment in operating room.

Our full range of microscope covers, c-arm covers, ultrasound, video camera and various specialty covers providing a total solution for quality, verity and cost effectiveness, meeting your need for reliable, user friendly equipment covering products.

Email: office@nilymed.com
Phone: +972-46444024

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